Thursday, August 17, 2006

Asian influence

It's been a while since I've posted. I've been stressed with work and somewhat uninspired. However, I made my second batch of bread pudding within this month, and it disappeared rather quickly.

We had dinner guests tonight, and I decided to go with a quick Asian theme. I was too tired to go to the grocery store after work, so I tried to work with just what I already had at the house. I started by making brown rice maki rolls.

Then I made a Korean BBQ seitan with mushrooms over a nest of fried crispy noodles. I love the sound of the noodles when they hit the hot oil!

Finally, I made a medley of vegetables with some sweet and sour seasonings. All in all, a pretty satisfying meal.

I'm glad to be cooking again. I promise I will post the mung bean pancake recipe soon.


Anonymous Emmy said...

Awww, sorry to hear you've been stressed about work. The sushi looks great and so does the Korean BBQ Seitan. For the fried noodles, are those just the thin rice noodles that you used?

18 August, 2006 06:09  
Blogger Cherie Anderson said...

Everything looks wonderful! I need to make Rich some mushrooms soon; it's been a while

18 August, 2006 07:01  
Blogger madeinalaska said...

wow, too tierd to go to the store.. yet you made quite a yummy looking spread! can i come to your house for dinner? looks great!!

19 August, 2006 09:09  
Blogger Melody said...

It looks delicous.... especially the sushi!

19 August, 2006 09:41  
Blogger vegancookiemonster said...

Emmy, I used a mung bean starch noodle with the seitan, but rice noodles work too! Thanks for the comments, everyone!

19 August, 2006 17:20  

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