Monday, July 31, 2006

heat wave

It is very hot and muggy, and my lack of both air conditioning and dishwasher make it difficult to do too much cooking. Washing the dishes is like a workout, and I usually feel like I need a shower afterwards. I've mostly been putting together quick meals utilizing leftovers.

My poor photography skills have led to a bizarre picture of this sandwich. This is barbecued seitan with perfectly ripened avocado slathered on rye bread.

Last night's dinner: tofu fried in a cast iron skillet with Korean barbecue sauce; mung bean noodles with purple cabbage, onions, and red bell pepper with a soy and sesame sauce (not pictured: sugar snap peas)

Today's lunch: vegan cheesesteak (thinly sliced seitan, onions, homemade "cheddar cheese" all on a whole wheat roll with a side of sugar snap peas sprinkled with a generous amount of salt)

Ahh.... There's nothing like sitting the sweltering summer heat with a full stomach drinking warm seltzer water while listening to Black Heart Procession and watching the whir of the ceiling fan....


Blogger Megan the Vegan said...

those sammies look wonderful!

31 July, 2006 19:09  
Blogger Urban Vegan said...

It all looks insanely delicious.

So nice to meet another Philly vegan/blogger.

Stay cool.

01 August, 2006 09:48  
Blogger vegancookiemonster said...

Thanks for all the positive comments!

Urban Vegan, I consider myself a free-lancer of sorts. I usually just cook for friends, but I also sell at occassional events and when commissioned by people I know or are acquainted with. I would love to one day have a real catering business or cafe, but I am lacking in the capital to do so! I think Philly could use a healthy, vegan, casual cafe where people could meet and spend tme with others who have common interests. I'm not trying to be a snob, but I am a little bored with the Philly food options!

01 August, 2006 14:11  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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01 August, 2006 18:28  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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01 August, 2006 18:29  
Blogger Megan said...

God girl you have to let me try some of that cheese. Debbie was raving about it.

04 August, 2006 08:51  

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